November 1, 2021

adrian wells and metacognitive therapy 2

Adrian Wells and Metacognitive Therapy

Who is Adrian Wells? One of the founders of Metacognitive Therapy, which its effectiveness has been proven by scientific research, is Ph.D., Adrian Wells. (Other: Dr. Hans Nordahl) He is a Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology Professor at the University of Manchester, UK, and a clinical psychology professor at the University of Science and Technology in …

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how to become a cbt therapist or counselor 3

How to Become a CBT Therapist or Counselor

Introduction Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that can help you deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It is based on the idea that your thoughts cause feelings and behaviors, not external things like people or situations. If you’re interested in becoming a CBT therapist or counselor, this article will …

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metacognitive therapy for ocd 4

Metacognitive Therapy for OCD

In this content, we will give information about Metacognitive Therapy for OCD. Metacognitive therapy for OCD has some differences from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy. To achieve successful treatment results in the metacognitive therapy of OCD, an average of 12 sessions per week which lasts 45-60 minutes is needed. Metacognitive therapy has two main metacognition changes. …

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quasimodo syndrome: dysmorphic disorder 6

Quasimodo Syndrome: Dysmorphic Disorder

Quasimodo Syndrome, which is a dysmorphic disorder, is one of the most unusual and difficult to understand situations among mental disorders. It is the individual thinks that there are defects in its appearance and makes them obsessed. These imperfections, which do not actually exist, become influential in his or her daily life.  This syndrome is …

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the best offer: psychology analysis 7

The Best Offer: Psychology Analysis

In this article, you will find a psychological examination of the character Virgil Oldman in ”The Best Offer”. Psychological disorders such as obsession, narcissistic personality, and agoraphobia are noteworthy. This is one of the most successful cinema films about psychological disorders. Psychological Analysis The Best Offer Characters Claire Ibbetson Claire is precisely the ideal lover …

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