November 12, 2021

Group Therapy and EMDR

What is EMDR & Group Therapy Group therapy and Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) are well-established and well-researched approaches to psychotherapy. The effectiveness of EMDR in the treatment of traumatized patients is recognized by various professional groups including the American Psychological Association (Chambless et al., 1998.) and the American Psychiatric Association (2004). Because …

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CBT to Panic Disorder

There are different research results suggesting that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective in the treatment of the panic disorder. Researchers reported that CBT combined with cognitive restructuring and exposure in the treatment of panic disorder have a stronger effect compared to the others. In the 1-year follow-up study, it was found that there was …

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assertiveness training: aggressive and passive behavior 2

Assertiveness Training: Aggressive and Passive Behavior

Assertiveness is the ability of an individual to express his or her feelings and thoughts without suppressing the interlocutor but without being passive to the interlocutor for reasons such as anxiety and timidity during communication. In short, assertiveness is the ability to communicate without going to aggressive and passive extremes. Assertiveness is mixed with the …

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memory grid with 4 principles: a useful method for your mental health 3

Memory Grid with 4 Principles: A Useful Method for Your Mental Health

Memory Grid is a helpful tool that anyone can use to improve their cognitive skills. From students looking for an edge in academic performance to adults trying to keep up with their kids’ new slang words, this technique has something for everyone. The basic idea behind Memory Grid is visualizing old memories in one section …

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