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We all know that positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, but what are the specifics of thinking powerfully? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the psychology behind why positive thinking works and provide you with some tips on how to start thinking more powerfully yourself. So read on – your future self will thank you!

Have you ever thought about what positive thinking is? Since birth, our brain begins to fill up and our unique way of thinking is formed. First, the thoughts of our parents, then the thoughts and expectations of our teachers, the immediate environment, and society come into play. We form our own mindset by synthesizing religious, moral, philosophical, and social thoughts. In order to improve ourselves, we must be able to think independently and look from every perspective.

Our brain, born with a pure, clean, and open mind, will be forced into certain patterns throughout our life, accept certain limits, internalize negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts. The flow of ideas and experiences will shape our lives.

Do positive thinking have an effect on our health?

Yes, positive thinking definitely has an effect on our health!

One of the best things about positive thinking is that it’s a habit that we can develop relatively easily. And once we’ve got it down, it starts to work its magic in all sorts of ways. For one, research has shown that people who think positively are more resilient and adaptable – they’re better able to cope with stress and setbacks. Secondly, positive thinkers tend to have healthier lifestyles – they exercise more and eat better. Finally, positive thinkers also tend to enjoy greater levels of satisfaction and happiness in their lives. So overall, there are definitely some great benefits to be had from cultivating a positive mindset!

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Our thoughts are a powerful source of energy. Concretely our lives will consist largely of thought. Our subconscious, which does not have the ability to interpret, judge, or evaluate, strives to realize every thought, positive or negative. If you think you are talented, strong, and lucky, it becomes very easy for you to be successful. Otherwise, a little trouble will cause big obstacles, and setbacks will always find you.

When we get rid of negative thoughts and have a positive mindset, it will be easier to find inner peace and be successful.

The thoughts that can produce alternatives without recognizing any conditions can go beyond the patterns that limit us and adapt to change. A positive thinking structure that is flexible, free and able to make quick decisions is the golden key to opening the doors of success.

Positive thinking will trigger positive energy, which will bring us health, happiness and success.

In the development of the thinking system, besides the great importance of infancy and early childhood experiences, the transfer of thousands of years of teachings to the present day is also a matter of course. It is very difficult to solve today’s problems with the mindset we have (yesterday’s effects are very big here). Einstein expresses this beautifully. “It is not possible to solve the problem with the brain that created the problem.”

Configuring the system is a new idea with psychotherapy. By learning positive thinking as the previous step, you can bring your thinking system to a point of view that produces alternative solutions, not problems.

Positive Thinking & Positive Thoughts

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  • Know how to criticize yourself. Try to see your good and bad sides. Support your missing or bad parts as you further develop your good points. Know what you are instead of believing what you are not, make an effort for what you want to be.
  • Look lovingly. Focus on the good in everyone and everything, try to see the good part.
  • Replace blaming thoughts with forgiving thoughts, be ready to forgive. Let go of the grudge, embrace love, close past problems. Get rid of the need to punish someone.
  • Don’t run from the facts. Although ignoring the truth provides temporary relief, it is necessary to accept reality and live with it, to dominate reality rather than being crushed under it.
  • Nobody is perfect. Accept those around you with their mistakes and good deeds, and leave aside the need to be perfect. Of course, try to change your negative habits, but treat them with love, not hate. Not everyone can be the same, the important thing is to harmonize the differences.
  • Love yourself. It doesn’t mean being arrogant, self-righteous, superior to other people. When you accept and love yourself, you love everything and treat everything with love.
  • Do not look down on anyone and think that you are more valuable and superior. To think you are way better than someone is to think that you are insecure about something in your life. If you feel above someone, there is always the thought that you are under someone unconsciously. Positive thinking can look at yourself or others as a special person without attributing superiority or inferiority.
  • Trust in yourself and your abilities, and stop living by constantly protecting or defending yourself. Erase the impossible idea from your head, try to do the maximum of what you can do. Nothing is impossible unless your will to do is lost.
  • Know your strength, take your power in your hand. Everyone has the power of the mind to improve life. Many people cannot use this power because they are angry with them or see them as a victim of fate. Anyone who takes the power of the mind and uses it consciously and does not deny this power has the opportunity to change their life.
  • Do not look for beauty in big, expensive or luxurious things. Beauty is everywhere, in nature. You are also a part of nature. If you look at yourself and nature with love, you can always find things that will give you happiness and energy, cheer up and heal.
  • Respect people’s abilities and support them by being free of prejudices. This will come back to you as an advantage.
  • Do not look for ulterior motives in criticism from others. Considering and taking advantage of constructive and healthy criticism will take you forward.
  • Nobody likes to be talked about from behind. Staying away from gossip and expressing your feelings directly will relax your relationships.
  • Preparing yourself for sleep by doing relaxing things before going to bed will enable you to have healthy dreams and the mind will be cleared. Sleeping in front of the TV, listening to disaster news before sleep, etc. It can add a lot of negative emotions to your unconscious.

Know the value of your physical health.

  • We often think that time is running out and time is not enough. In fact, life gives everything just in time and where it should be. Believing in this shows that you have achieved mature patience and integration. Being impatient speeds up the process and causes you to waste more time.
  • Be a good listener, try to understand the other person by listening patiently.
  • Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Believe in the existence of a solution, it is inevitable for you to be successful when you move flexibly towards different solutions.
  • Don’t waste your free time. Utilizing your spare time by turning to constructive and creative work will provide a great return on your way to realization.
  • Listen to yourself in silence at least once a day, albeit for a short time. This will allow you to relax, find inner peace, and see the wisdom within you.
  • Know the value of the moment you live in, accept the good and the bad. Bad things happening today may be the key to good things in the future. Seeing every color of life and our experiences, loving them in all circumstances and not forgetting that we come to life once will always lead us to positive.
  • Being constantly sorry for missed opportunities will not bring you any return. There is always a second chance in life. The important thing is to wait patiently for that time and not be offended by your luck.
  • The best behavior is honesty. Being honest with yourself is the foundation of being honest with others.
  • No one can be always wrong or always faultless. We must admit that we may be wrong from time to time and learn from our mistakes. Admitting the error is great.
  • Don’t suppress your emotions, be natural. Explicit emotions are one-to-one for mental health and are a sign of your honesty. This does not mean that your emotions rule you. Express yourself, but let your thoughts guide your actions, not your emotions.
  • Remember that fate is a matter of choice, not luck. Go over the challenges, make your luck and beat yourself.
  • Trust in yourself so that you are independent of thought and action. Those who are confident can also trust others. Life is difficult without trusting anyone.
  • Do not take refuge in, do not seek excuses. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is virtuous.
  • Rejoice without compensation, taste the satisfaction and happiness of helping those in need.
  • The point where you think you are indispensable is the closest you are to hitting the bottom. Remember that there may be better than you in every field, development and change are continuous. It is wisdom to support and pave the way for the development of others while developing yourself.
  • Using constructive and plain language will help you listen and understand better. Think positively and speak positively.
  • Learning has no end and age. Being open and willing to develop and learn will ensure that you are successful and happy.

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