Validation Addiction and Borderline Personality Disorder

Validation addiction is extremely important in borderline personality disorder (BPD). In this regard, we will include examples of people with BPD problems regarding validation addiction.

With the Validation Addiction, the need for approval and acceptance becomes so intense that it affects most of the patient’s life negatively.

They even try to get the approval of women and men they don’t like. For this reason, most BDPs are abused, emotionally depleted, and exposed to violence from other people.

What is validation addiction?

Validation Addiction, the need for external validation and acceptance is typically rooted in deep-rooted insecurities from earlier periods of our lives. Children all want to be loved unconditionally by their significant others, but the truth is that they experience a lot of rejection from their caretakers. This can lead to children needing constant compliments and reassurance from multiple sources including classmates, friends, family members, etc., because one opinion can’t give them what they’re really looking for – a parent’s unconditional love.

“I have to constantly be validated by men or women.”

validation addiction and borderline personality disorder 1
validation addiction and borderline personality disorder 4

Therapy and treatment methods are available for this problem. You can find detailed information about BPD (borderline personality disorder) treatment and therapy methods on our website.

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You will read the actual comments of people with BPD (borderline personality disorder).
These comments and opinions are from some BPD social networks on the Internet. You can see the source at the end.

validation addiction
validation addiction

Validation Addiction

Complaints- Confessions And Comments

“If a man is not paying me attention I’m shit. I don’t even exist. Feel like I need attention from men constantly. I speak to countless men that I don’t really care about then get really upset if I’m left on read or they don’t want to speak to me anymore. This is not healthy.”

“Throughout my whole adult life (say 15+ I am now nearly 30) I have sought attention from men. I crave it and am unhappy unless there is someone flirting outrageously with me or paying me some sort of romantic or sexual attention. I find that I can have absolutely no interest in a man and then find out he ‘thinks I’m pretty’ or something and bam – I’m all coy smiles and late-night drinks – it’s utterly pathetic.” 

“If I feel beautiful, like say I get dressed up to go downtown, and not a single male addresses me or gives me attention, I go home feeling worthless, terrible, and hideous. Like my face and attention from men dictates my worth? I will feel so beautiful and then tear myself down because of someone else.”

validation addiction and borderline personality disorder 2
validation addiction and borderline personality disorder 5

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Story of my life

“Even I’m not even attracted or like the guy I get upset if they don’t continue giving me the validation I crave. I have such a hard time with this. I try to stop talking to men outside of friendships and focus on getting better. But then I get lonely than usual, I go right back to men for validation.”

 “I’m starting to feel disgusted by men and that helps detaching from the idea I’m only worth something if a man gives me attention. I don’t even want their attention anymore.” 

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 “If I don’t feel that I am seen by men, I feel like I don’t exist. I think that’s the BPD. Cause the true me actually finds most men so subpar, selfish, unaware, arrogant, etc. I was trying to figure out why I stayed with my shitty ex for so long. I think it’s because I felt like I existed for someone else. That made me feel less hollow inside.”

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