What is Love Therapy? 3 Levels of Love Therapy

We all know the feeling of heartache. Whether it was because your significant other broke up with you or your dog died, we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling in our chest. The pain can seem unbearable at times and sometimes even feel like it will never go away. If you find yourself thinking about this type of situation often, then what’s really happening is that you need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling – an expert who knows exactly what to say to make things easier for you. That’s where love therapy comes in!

What is Love Therapy?

What is Love Therapy?

Love therapy is a type of counseling session designed to help people heal from painful relationships; whether they are coming out of one too many bad breakups or just need some general advice on how to get over their current circumstances.

Love therapy is to discover and eliminate the fear that causes anxiety, panic, overreactions, and hypersensitivity. Using experimentally tested and scientifically proven psychotherapy methods such as EMDR and CBT allows you to discover and improve yourself by focusing on the blocks of love and love that you have built with your own hands. In this article, we will discuss what is love therapy, love therapy process, etc.

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Love is the feeling of engagement with the highest attachment level, which provides a fascinating inner peace that ultimately leads to love and acceptance. Love expresses a passionate and positive attachment to a person, an idea, or a divine power.

When you accept yourself unconditionally, with this natural energy you connect to, you accept everything and everyone unconditionally, and you lead a smooth and completely natural, loving connection. When you accept and love yourself and someone else without interest and expectation, you cause someone else to accept and love himself unconditionally – a feature that naturally has the power to improve the relationship between the two of you. Love therapy takes this point into its focus.

The Two Most Fundamental Feelings That Come With Love; LOVE and FEAR

Fear is the most basic emotion that prevents and destroys love. Fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fears based on previous painful experiences, fears based on belief, and emotional fear… All of these fears are fears that exist with love. Everyone who falls in love experiences this familiar fear that everything will be ruined at a time when everything goes well.

Strangely, the two basic emotions that love brings together are two distant feelings of love and fear. When you don’t get away from love, you always live in fear. You are fidgety, but there is also the fear of losing. This leads to a range of emotions leading to jealousy. Therefore, fear is one of the most common feelings in love therapy, relationship, couple, and individual counseling.

If you have ever had an emotional reaction that affects your body physically (for example, accelerating your heartbeat, excessive sweating, butterflies flying in your stomach) you feel unreal. If such profound physical symptoms that love has created in you begin to multiply, you will see the other person’s unpleasant behaviors and behaviors as lovable. When you finally wake up from this dream, you begin to experience a disturbing and overwhelming emotional response.

On the other hand, we can say: When you’re afraid of being loved, it’s hard to understand that someone else really loves you. You cannot show that you love, you also prevent the other person from showing that they love you.

Love therapy helps you to complete all your shortcomings and realize your mistakes.

Loving Yourself

Love therapy focuses on finding and giving up your deepest fears. So you can free your love. In love therapy, you will first love yourself. It will be a fun experience to see how things change around you as you go through this process. When you truly love and accept yourself, you will develop your ability to see exciting actions rather than seeing others as unlovable. You will begin to see that they have wounds and how they are affected. And in the end, you’ll start thinking about how much they love you. After that, you can decide clearly and easily in your reactions to them.

Loving Others

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When you love yourself enough, instead of being unresponsive to the suffering of the people around you, you will support them with positive reactions and see how they change themselves. This will improve mutual understanding in your relationships.

If you want to see the change in your relationships, the best place to start is to examine how you interpret your loved one’s actions. When you start approaching them from the right place, you will be surprised by how you see the same situation differently and how the people you are in contact with actually start to hear you and respond to this positive approach.

What is the Love Therapy Process?

For both individuals, the love therapy process focuses on making connections at three levels and five dimensions.

Connected 3 Levels

Level1: As an individual, to yourself,

Level2: To your spouse, friends, family, and community,

Level3: Helps you connect to everything you believe in (Earth, God, Spirit, or Energy).

Emotional Dimension in Love Therapy

The emotional bond is found in the essence of Love Therapy in many aspects and is intertwined with other dimensions. Making emotional connections takes place step by step:

  • To be aware of your feelings with attention and physical exercises,
  • Understanding what your emotions are and the underlying causes (through visualization, empty chairs, Gestalt, role-playing, and directed questions),
  • To follow the triggers and overwhelming emotional experiences in your traditional life during the therapy,
  • To leave your previous experiences that cause your emotions to be intensely experienced so that you can react to the current situation,
  • Learning to use gentle communication phrases, idioms, and timings for yourself and your partner.

Spiritual Dimension in Love Therapy

The more you contact yourself and your emotions, the more you will begin to understand the true beauty and how it relates to everyone and everything. This usually happens when you get in touch with your emotions and learn how to communicate with fearless and unconditional love. With this technique, you will learn to interact spiritually and spiritually with your partner. You will be happier to create the popular ”soul mate” equation.

Physical Aspect of Love Therapy

After establishing a spiritual bond, you will learn to have your own body and your partner’s body both sexually and emotionally. In fact, when you find the right path, you will discover that the spiritual bond and the sexual bond are not far from each other. All of these five dimensions are already blended and intertwined.

The Social Dimension in Love Therapy

When you are successful in emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions and connect with your partner, you will see the change and change how you experience changes in the social dimension and evaluate the events more positively. Why would a person who is happy in his home be unhappy in his social circle?

Intellectual Dimension in Love Therapy

The dimension that you will fully define and recognize yourself in every aspect is called the intellectual dimension. What is your intellectual style? Politics, physics, finance, football, spirituality? Do you like to joke? Your answers will not be judged. We will talk about how you like to express yourself more easily and happily on a complete freeway. When you know yourself intellectually and manage to express yourself, you can express yourself better by using the same expressions when you start a new relationship and admire yourself.

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